Next Steps

Making your Advance Decision effective: Next steps

 Once you have written your AD, make sure people know it exists!

There is no central register for ADs - so you need to:

  1. Get it on your GP notes
  2. Lodge it with other healthcare providers, and any specialist(s) you are seeing
  3. If you regularly visit a hospital, or attend a clinic, lodge a copy there
  4. If it includes ‘do not resuscitate’, ensure you are on the local Ambulance Service register for DNACPR (‘do not attempt cardio-pulmonary resuscitation’)
  5. Put it in ‘Personal Care Plan’ folder (or local equivalent) - for people who have made an advance care plan or end-of-life care plan
  1. Give copies to family, friends, neighbours
  2. Put it with your important documents
  3. Carry it with you; keep in your car
  4. Consider wearing MedicAlert or S.O.S. Talisman jewellery that says you have an AD (and where to find it)
  5. Consider Lions ‘message in a bottle’ scheme (sticker on door, AD in bottle in fridge)
  1. Before elective surgery – give it to hospital
  2. If you get a new medical diagnosis
  3. If your circumstances change (see also 'hints & tips')
  4. Regularly to make sure it still represents your wishes

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