We conduct and support research on Advance Decisions.  If you would like to commission a research project please contact us.


  1. Academic and professional journal articles

Kitzinger, C. (2014) Advance Decisions: do they work in practice? Elder Law Journal, 2(4), 198 – 203. Download PDF

Kitzinger, C. and Wilkinson, S. (2015) A matter of life and death. The Psychologist, 28(2): 972-974. Download PDF

Wilkinson, S. (2015) Refusing to live with advanced dementia: Contemporaneous and prospective decision-making.’ Feminism & Psychology, 25(1): 148-154.

  1. Newsletter, website and blog pieces

Wilkinson (2014) An Analysis and Evaluation of the Compassion in Dying End-of-life Rights Information Line.  Summary available at:

Wilkinson, S. (2015) ‘Dementia and Advance Decisions’, on Dementia Women website:

Wilkinson, S. and Kitzinger, C. (2014) ‘Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment’, onTotally4Women website:

3. Responses to consultations

Kitzinger, C. and Wilkinson, S. (2015) Evidence submitted to the Law Commission 2015 Consultation on the Law on Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty. Download PDF

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